Florida Physical Therapy Clinics

“I messed around with SEO but really didn’t understand it. MOD took it off my hands and now I’m #1 on Google.”

Our client owned two of the many physical therapy clinics in Florida. They had been doing well enough in their two locations but the client felt the business was not living up to its potential.

Like many personal service businesses, the clinics were captive to seemingly intractable market issues:

Lots of competition making it difficult to stand out.

Lack of pricing power due to undifferentiated offerings among category participants.

Inefficient/ineffective marketing efforts.

Marketing costs not meeting ROI expectations.

The client contacted MOD from an email marketing campaign and we readily assured him that while his situation was typical it was not hopeless.

From our experience, we knew that in a crowded marketplace there was no substitute for a strong SEO program. It was a simple strategy decision to say that his clinics needed one.

But like most local businesses, he had dabbled in SEO—and spent good money on it—only to be disillusioned with the results. How could something so supposedly critical to a business’s success online be such an exercise in complicated, costly and fruitless brain surgery, he wondered?

Needless to say, he was unconvinced that this was a strategy he wanted to pursue.

However, we explained that our SEONetwork was not like traditional SEO, with lots of anonymous agency folks stirring the SEO cauldron and racking up the billable hours.

Instead, our SEONetwork platform would automatically add his business to our network of 30,000+ businesses. These businesses would automatically share backlinks among themselves based on common keywords, building up authority for each other. And a network of writers would automatically create authoritative content to post on the client’s site.

Together, this combination would address two of the most important ranking criteria on Google. And it would work automatically in the background for a single fixed monthly subscription.

The client agreed that this sounded different—and more reasonable—than his experience with typical SEO and we proceeded to set him up on SEONetwork.

Today, in a very crowded category with no differentiation among participants, his clinics have risen to the #1 spot in local search on Google in both his Florida locations

Interestingly, this online success had an unexpected additional benefit. The client discovered that as his visibility in local search increased, the numbers of patients coming to him for physical therapy actually declined in favor of his secondary services in orthopedics. Accordingly, he changed the name of his business to emphasize orthopedics and just last month (June 2020) we launched his re-branded, re-named site.

Want to hear more and find out how MOD and SEONetwork can replicate this success for your business? Please contact us. We’d love to talk to you. And, by the way, if you would like to talk to our client, we can arrange that too.

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