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Online Brand Assessment​

MindOverDigital is a digital marketing consultant for small business that believes in listening. We have no pre-conceived ideas or opinions. We want to hear what YOU think about your business, it’s strengths, it’s weaknesses, what YOU think have been your smartest initiatives, what’s worked and what hasn’t
and where YOU think you could use the most help.
Only after listening closely and having an intelligent back and forth will we start our process. It has 3 parts

1. A snapshot of your online presence

Being an offline name does not equal being an online brand. Digital has re-written the rules about what makes a brand. It still means “known, loved, shopped” but each of those attributes is now defined digitally. Today, you can be well known in your local area yet have a weak digital brand. We’ll help you understand what that means with analytics specifically developed for your business

2. A going-forward strategy

Based on our survey, we will present you with a detailed strategy to minimize weaknesses and optimize strengths. This document will suggest areas that should be addressed first with a cascade from highest to lowest priority

3. Digital technologies you should know about

We will provide you with a check-list of the digital technologies we believe would be the most effective solutions for the issues our survey raises. This is valuable because while there are many technologies available, many business owners are unaware of them and the positive impact they can have on a business

Yes, please send me my Free Online Brand Assessment. I understand there is no cost or other obligation on my part, and the information I provide will be used solely to prepare the free Online Brand Assessment.

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