Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains (TLDs) may not significantly affect your ranking in the search engines, but marketing experts say that the domain you choose may influence the buying decisions of potential customers or clients. While traditional top level domains, like .com and .net have long been the standard choice for most website owners, there’s a new game in town that’s changing the way online business owners are looking at domains. Hashtag domains pique the interest of Web users and make it easy to transition to the decentralized internet that’s currently being built.

What Are Top Level Domains?

Let’s start with the basics; top level domains provide an extension for your root domain and make it possible for your website to get found on the internet. Every website has a domain extension, whether it’s popular (.com) or customized (.farm). Traditionally, getting more website clicks has meant choosing a trustworthy TLD; however, all of that is changing with the creation of the # domain.

You may wonder why click through is important if your website is ranking well; the fact is, being seen on the first page of a search engine is not enough if other websites are taking your sales away from you. Digital marketing companies are in disagreement about which TLDs are the best for click through; however, with the creation of the hashtag domain, what was once considered a superior TLD is no longer the best choice for business owners. Hashtag Domains are the better option for the following reasons:

  • Easily identifiable # symbol all internet users are familiar with
  • Shorter domain names
  • Affordable hashtag domains
  • Widely available domain names

Customizing a Hashtag Top-Level Domain

At Hashtag.Space, it’s easy to create a unique # domain. Register for a free account, then use the search tools available to find a hashtag domain for your website. Use geographical names (gTLD), keywords, product or service names, your own brand, or any single word or combination of words that will draw new customers or clients to your website. Get help from internet sources to maximize your search results:

  1. Try Jaaxy for keywords relative to your business
  2. Use top ten list articles for popular domain names
  3. Type in your city or state for availability
  4. Get creative when using top level domains

Invest in Hashtag Domains For Your Business’ Future

The future of the internet is a decentralized space where censorship and data suppression are impossible. Internet users are fed up with the communistic agenda being pushed; many are moving away from the centralized ICANN-controled internet to the Web 3.0 in an effort to take back their liberty and freedom of speech- and it’s not just individuals who are tired of the games being played by ICANN. As more business owners find that their customer base is moving to the decentralized Web, they’re transitioning their websites to the new internet, as well.

Hashtag domains are ideal because they make it a simple process to resolve your existing website to the decentralized Web. After purchasing a hashtag domain, enter your URL in the space provided and your website will instantly resolve to the Web 3.0. At a cost of just $24.95 per hashtag domain, it makes sense to purchase more than one. Search for domain names that are relevant to your business and buy them up before your competition gets to them.

Creating a Hashtag Domain Budget

No matter what size business you own or what sector you’re involved in, you’ll benefit from slowly transitioning to the decentralized internet; in fact, unless you make the switch, in time, your competition will start taking business away from you. The good news is, it’s affordable to purchase hashtag domains- you can even start out with a single # domain and grow your portfolio from there. Over time, you’ll want to consider owning more than just your company name or your brand as a # domain. A few tips to help you buy hashtag domains:

  • Be forward thinking- which domain names will other businesses want to own?
  • Use 20/20 hindsight in your favor- which names from top level domains have sold well in the past?
  • Think outside of the box- which keywords are your competitors using as hashtags for marketing? Purchase keywords as hashtag domains.
  • Invest in the future- leave nothing on the table for competing businesses to benefit from.
  • Don’t settle- keep buying hashtag domains at the rate you can afford until you’ve exhausted all possible options and cornered your market.

If you’d like to learn more about how hashtag domains will one day rival top level domains, contact Hashtag.Space CEO, Robert Bibb with your questions. Reach Robert by phone by calling 1-304-933-1944.



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