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“We’re seeing more new faces than at any time since we took over the business.”

Since taking over from their parents in the 80’s, the fourth-generation owners of a successful suburban New York jewelry store continued to build on their family’s reputation for friendly expert sales and service.

But over the years, a recurring question nagged at them: who are all these people we see around town and why have we never seen them in our store?

Which led them to the next obvious question: what can we do about it?

And over time they tried all the obvious tactics: magazine ads, cable TV ads, direct mail, online advertising, etc. But nothing seemed to move the needle.

Then in 2016, one of our MOD managing partners, who was a customer, offered to analyze their online presence.

The owners agreed. And a beautiful relationship was formed.

We studied their business and we saw pretty quickly that a lack of Google reviews—especially 5-star reviews—was very likely the key to their problem. It was a classic example of what every well-known local retailer eventually must face: Being well-known locally is never enough unless you’re also well-known online.

Our strategy was simple: Increase positive online reviews to gain authority with Google thereby increasing the store’s rankings so that its online reputation matched its local reputation.

We used our Signpost email engagement platform to reach out to their current customer base and ask for reviews. They began to see an immediate increase in 5-star reviews appearing on Google. And over time the reviews kept coming, because the Signpost platform keeps up a constant ‘drip’ relationship with contacts—all the while adding new contacts as referrals grow.

What about that nagging question: who are all these people and why have we never seen them in our store?

Their reviews have rocketed to over 225 5-stars, they are the #1 jeweler in local searches, and the #1 jeweler in the local stack. All of which has resulted in more new faces in the store than at any time since they took over the business.

We emphasize: 1. this happened while the owners eliminated virtually every other marketing tactic and 2. without spending a dime on SEO.

Such is the power of the gold mine every well-known local retailer is sitting on BUT NOT MINING: their customer contact lists.

And only Signpost email engagement can extract that gold and turn into new faces and new sales. And BTW, it does it automatically, with no time or effort required by the business owner.

Want to hear more and find out how MOD and Signpost can replicate this success for your business? Please contact us. We’d love to talk to you.

And, by the way, if you would like to talk to our jewelry client, we can arrange that too.

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